Fractional Leadership® is the only vetted platform that matches businesses and executives.
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Why Business Owners and Leaders Use Fractional Leaders®

You Need To Scale Your Business

You Need Executive Experience

You Need It To Be Affordable

What is Fractional Leadership?

Fractional Leaders are experienced, C-level executives who join your leadership team on a part-time basis so you can get the benefit of their guidance and direction to drive results for you without the risk, cost, or ramp-up of a full-time hire. 
A Fractional Leader is someone who’s “been there and done that” at a business your size or larger. He or she knows what to do and how to inspire your troops to get your business where you need and want it.
Fractional Leaders are outsourced C-level leaders with experience building a company from within the leadership team as head of marketing, sales, operations, finance, or technology.
Like a lot of founder-led businesses post-startup, you’re hitting the ceiling again and again. Often it’s because your founding leadership team has never run a business this size before.
You’re frustrated because you can’t scale without bringing on an experienced C-level leader who’s been where you are and done this before. But you just can’t afford someone like that full-time until after you’ve scaled. Or you’re not ready for the commitment. It’s the “Entrepreneurial Catch-22.”

“I had been a nay-sayer about fractional positions, but ... the truth is, what the right person can do in a few hours of work is light years ahead of what an inexperienced but full-time professional can do.”

– Immanuel Shalev CEO, Aleph Beta

Find Your Match

Fractional Leadership® is the premier vetted Fractional Leader referral platform. 
Skip straight to the finalists. Simply book a time for a 15-minute call with us so we can learn key information about you and determine what kind of Fractional Leader you need. 
We then send you up to three independently vetted, experienced Fractional Leaders referrals, each of whom have availability for a new client.


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