How to Run a Fully Remote Company


Learn tools and ideas how to make your fully remote business successful in this podcast interview with Jody Grunden. Several of the things his company does were new to us so this episode will definitely teach you something new.

Jody is the founder and head of Summit CPA (, the Virtual CFO division of Anders CPAs & Advisors. He took his virtual CFO firm from 18 people to almost 60 since he took it fully remote in 2013 and is the author of two books, Digital Dollars and Cents and Building the Virtual CFO Firm in the Cloud.

What positions do you need in your company that will make the difference between success or failure (high turnover and negative culture) in your remote company? What role does a retreat play? What mistakes should you avoid? What role does your business and financial model play in your ability to successfully grow and scale a remote company?

Check out the conversation!

When it’s time to hire REAL Talent


When are you ready to  hire “real talent”? What does that even mean? When is it legitimate to use less expensive or less experienced talent? When is it justified to spend the money? How do you overcome self-talk that makes you think you are not ready?

Matt Haney, our guest on this episode of the Win Win Podcast, answers these questions and more.
Matt is a Fractional COO / Integrator on the Wolf’s Edge Consulting team and has served as an interim or fractional COO for over 5 years. He is a long-time COO and operations leaders in manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, construction and other industries. You can learn more about him at:
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