About Us

Ben Wolf, founder and CEO, created the Fractional Leadership organization because he saw the complete lack of any centralized resource for the fractional executive leadership industry whether for fractional executives themselves or for business owners looking for information about it.
Ben is also the founder and leader of the largest Fractional Integrator (COO) firm in the world, Wolf’s Edge Integrators.
He created Fractional Leadership to be the market leader for the Fractional Leadership industry, offering professional development, connection, peer advisory, and advocacy for solo practitioners and firms in the fractional executive industry.
For business owners, Fractional Leadership is an educational resource, including the first book on the industry, Fractional Leadership: Landing Executive Talent You Thought Was Out of Reach. Fractional Leadership provides business owners with a wealth of information on all aspects of the fractional executive world, including through its blog, the Win Win Podcast, and social media.  

The Fractional Leadership Community's Core Values

The leaders of Fractional Leadership and the members of the Fractional Leadership community deeply embody these values:
• More than enough to go around
• A right fit for all, no one is for everyone
• Win-win, collaboration over competition, rising tide
• Happy to contribute, including to competitors
• Happy to be with both large firms and solo practitioners
• Refers to others, even competitors, when it’s a better fit
Owns It:
• Enters the danger, no conflict avoidance
• Takes ownership of own mistakes
• Takes initiative, pushes for resolution, doesn’t wait for others to ask or point out issues
• Keeps commitments, do what you say
• Be an over-active communicator and doesn’t leave clients wondering what happening
Do the Right Thing:
• Even when it means you don’t get the client
• Even when it costs money
• Admits, doesn’t hide, mistakes
• Respects the client and fellow FL members

Featured In


"When we needed to elevate our Sales and Marketing requirements, Ben sourced, profiled, and vetted several Fractional Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) candidates. Ben made the process of finding a Fractional Leader so easy. Because of him, we literally skipped straight to the finalists."

– Nathan Shea, Founder and CEO, SecureStrux