7 Self-Care Necessities for Fractional Leaders


Strategies around self-care are plentiful. The nature of Fractional Leadership work in juggling clients and necessary administrative duties, means you must make the most of your time in order to provide great value to your clients.

Ways FLs Can Stay True to Core Values

The following actions give you the permission to stay true to your core values and live your ideal life as a Fractional Leader (FL). The idea of implementing all seven of these suggestions may be overwhelming; begin with one or two that resonate with you and build from there.

  1. Create a routine. Great leaders who have come before us have shared their keys to success. From them, we know creating and following a daily routine provides the structure for your best work. Whether it’s setting the time you sit down at your desk each day, or consciously outlining the series of steps you take in the morning to get to your desk, tapping into the power of the routine will help you to be ready for the day, refreshed and focused when you take that first call or step into a meeting. This includes preparing for the next day the night before!
  1. Take Clarity BreaksTM: As a fractional leader, it is more than just your clients pulling you in all directions. Taking the time to mindfully pause, reflect, and ideate is so important. Clarity BreaksTM — a tool in the EOS® Toolbox — should happen somewhere other than your desk and be scheduled at regular intervals so your time is uninterrupted. Use the time to evaluate an issue, think through a challenge, or just brain dump all the ideas filling space in your mind. Use Clarity BreaksTM to provide you with the space to sift through and think about what is important.
  1. Connect with nature. The benefits of being out in nature are scientifically proven. Getting fresh air each day through a walk, a run, or other outdoor activities costs you nothing other than the time and effort. In chilly weather, setting aside time to look out the window and taking note of the moving leaves, the birds at the feeder, blowing grass or sweeping clouds can have measurable benefits.
  1. Find your groove-inducer. Does music inspire you? Is there a favorite beverage you enjoy as a treat? Use the resources you have around you and through consistency and habit-building practices, tap those resources to find what induces your groove – especially during that afternoon slump when sleepiness or distractions creep in.
  1. Know thyself. Would you describe yourself as an extrovert, ambivert or introvert? Knowing where you land on the spectrum can inform decisions around how you spend your refresh and recharge time. Extroverts may, for example, enjoy connecting in person or online with group discussions to generate new ideas. Alternatively, introverts may choose to carve out dedicated writing or solo reflection time. Once you identify your own tendencies and related cup-filling activities, select and practice those providing the most impact.
  1. Know when to say “No”. As entrepreneurs, we often say “yes” to every opportunity as a way to build business.  But burnout is real. By choosing to be good at what you’re all about and taking opportunities (and potential partners, colleagues, and clients) through your core values filter, great value will be found. Trying to be everything to everyone is so hard! With a laser focus on your passion, defined niche, and well-thought-out core values, you will give yourself — and your team — permission to set boundaries and the room to build and live your ideal life.
  1. Define your personal wellness practice. Wellness can take on many forms depending on individual preferences. Incremental experimentation can provide just as much — if not more — value, providing you with the time to figure out what works best for you. I turn to spending time with my dogs and disconnecting for my mental health and making sure I have plenty of water (or other healthy liquids) nearby at all times. You may also choose to try a new workout routine or to seek out a therapist.

Whichever strategies you choose to employ, start with what feels right to you. Use a Clarity BreakTM to periodically check in with yourself and recognize and acknowledge what’s working and what isn’t. Self-care is an ever-changing target impacted by many factors and requires constant adjustment. Seek those tools and activities providing the foundation for you to bring your best self to your clients, your team, your family, and your community. Be well.

About the Author

Jamie Munoz is the founder and visionary of a team of Fractional Integrators at Catalyst Integrators, helping busy visionaries and entrepreneurs maximize their potential by running companies on EOS. Jamie is also a certified John Maxwell Team coach, speaker and trainer. Contact Jamie here.