ADHD is a Superpower, Not a Curse



If you have adult ADHD and other people don’t understand you or feel unsuccessful or incompetent in some environments but you’re faster than everyone around you in another part of life, check out this conversation with Peter Shankman (


Peter is the host of the Faster than Normal podcast, the Internet’s #1 podcast on ADHD, 5x best selling author, including one book I read recently, Faster Than Normal: Turbocharge Your Focus, Productivity, and Success with the Secrets of the ADHD Brain (…, is the founder of HARO – Help A Reporter Out, and is an international keynote speaker primarily on the topic of Customer Experience.


In this interview, Peter Shankman shares what things were like before he was diagnosed and realized he had ADHD in his 30’s, how you can reengineer your environment to maximize your strengths and minimize ADHD’s downsides, he explains the “neuro-atypical economy” and what it means for your business, and shares two top rituals and habits people can use to maximize the benefits and mitigate the disadvantages of having a “faster than normal” brain.


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