The Fractional Leadership Association

Professional Development
Fractional Leadership is your destination where you can hone your craft as a fractional executive, whether for yourself as a solo practitioner or for the members of your firm. Our basic membership level includes monthly professional development programs and co-marketing opportunities through our podcast and blog. Courses, coaching, referral opportunities, and peer advisory programs are separate so you can elect to participate in the programs you know will provide you with the greatest value.
We’re THE community for Fractional Leaders where you can connect with others who do what you do and not feel like you’re on an island. Our members connect with others, give back, and establish themselves as leaders in the industry through our monthly professional development and connection programs, our private LinkedIn group only for members, and through volunteer committees related to events, programs, mastermind groups, professional development and webinar presentations, interviewing new members, and our advisory board.
Peer Advisory
In ~August 2022, we are rolling out facilitated peer advisory (mastermind) groups, structured similar to Vistage® or EO. The difference is that in our peer advisory groups, you’ll hone your craft and learn from other fractional executives, people who understand exactly what you do, as your colleagues for advice, experience sharing, and accountability.

Our Proven Process


Apply and share information about your Fractional Leadership solo practitioner or firm practice


Participate in a screening interview with a fellow member.


Sign a membership agreement and learn how to take advantage of all the community has to offer through our onboarding process, including how to apply to join our referral network.

Connect & Hone

Connect with other great Fractional Leaders and hone your craft with our professional development, networking, and peer advisory programs


The Fractional Leadership network is for individuals and firms who provide outsourced, part-time executive, C-level services to small and mid-sized businesses (typically 5-250 people). This is what we mean by the term “Fractional Leader®”. Fractional Leaders are those who sit on their clients’ leadership teams, occupy a spot on their accountability charts, and who provide (or wish to provide) Fractional Leadership services as their primary business – not as a bridge solution till they find a full-time work, and not consulting or advisory (non-C-level position) services.

Professional Development – We offer professional development programs, including monthly events, for members to help you hone your craft as a Fractional Leader. These take place the second Thursday of each month from 4-5 ET / 1-2 PT. We give you access to a resource library including past webinars. In addition, we have plans to roll out a course and curriculum-based coaching/accountability program to give new and early-stage Fractional Leaders everything they need to build and grow their practice.

Masterminds – We estimate that by August 1, 2022, we will roll out our facilitated peer advisory groups (masterminds), which are structured similar to Vistage® or EO, but provide you with peer advising and accountability by other fractional executives, people who understand exactly what you do.

Community & Connection – Our webinars include one-on-one time with other members, group discussions, and we plan to soon release a slate of social programming enabling you to meet with other Fractional Leaders.  We have a private LinkedIn group to faciliate communication, idea-sharing, problem-solving, and requests for recommendations between events. We enable you to connect with others and establish yourself as a leader through our volunteer committees related to events, programs, mastermind groups, interviewing new members, and our advisory board. 

Promoting You – We help you establish your leadership and authority in the fractional executive leadership industry in several ways: giving you the opportunity to deliver professional development and webinar presentations to other members, submit blog articles which we promote via our newsletter and social media, and by being a guest on our Win Win Podcast, which we promote via our newsletter and social media as well.

Awareness & Advocacy – We prime the small and midsize business marketplace to be more receptive to what you do so they won’t look quite as confused when you say you help clients as a fractional executive in marketing, sales, operations, finance, or technology, etc. We do this via (1) our founder’s book, Fractional Leadership: Landing Executive Talent You Thought Was Out of Reach, available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and Audible; (2) media and publicity; (3) social media (check out our LinkedIn page); (4) our newsletter; (5) our blog; and (6) our Win Win Podcast.

See below for a summary of our basic membership fee. Depending on what types of additional value you’re looking for. You will receive information on how to take advantage of these additional programs upon your admission to the Fractional Leadership community.

We at Fractional Leadership educate business owners about what Fractional Leadership is and why it’s valuable for them (many are not familiar!) and draw them to our vetted referral program in the following ways:

  • Book Publicity: Educate the small and mid-size business community about what Fractional Leadership is through its founder’s book, Fractional Leadership: Landing Executive Talent You Thought Was Out of Reach and the publicity surrounding it.
  • Blog Articles: We are creating an ever-expanding pool of content to draw anyone interested in learning more about Fractional Leadership made up of articles published on our blog.
    • We are actively seeking members of the Fractional Leader community to elevate their own profile, themselves as thought leaders, and engage in content marketing to Fractional Leadership target market businesses. Please reach out to us to express your interest in contributing here.
  • Podcast: We share podcast episodes regularly which add value to small and mid-sized business owners to draw them to our site and referral platform.
  • Social Media: We cross-pollinate the value we share on our blog, podcast, and business in general by breaking up content which adds value to small and mid-size business owners into regular, frequent, useful, bite-size social media content through our accounts on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. This draws relevant business owners to us and our vetted Fractional Leader referral platform.
  • Marketing: We will engage in targeted digital media campaigns geared toward small and mid-size business owners.
  • Co-Marketing/Events: We plan to engage in co-marketing digital events, expos, webinars, and invitation-only programs with strategic partners to educate more business owners about what Fractional Leadership is, how it can benefit them, and about our vetted Fractional Leader referral program. If you are interested in partnering with us on something like that, please reach out!

Yes, as a member, you can request that the Fractional Leadership organization refer an appropriate member to fulfill your client, prospect, or other connection’s need. You may request that we connect potential candidates to you directly if you’d like to act as an intermediary, or you may designate the potential client as the direct point of contact.

Simply fill out this form to request a referral. This is a great way to add value to your clients and prospects even if you don’t know the best Fractional Leader or firm satisfy their needs.

If the referral works out, the Fractional Leader will pay Fractional Leader the standard referral fee (50% of one month’s revenue or 10% of revenue for 6 months). Upon receipt of the referral fee, Fractional Leadership LLC will split the referral fee 50/50 with you.

While we do not emphasize our ability to give referrals, business owners often approach us to request Fractional Leader referrals.

Once you are accepted as a member of the Fractional Leadership association, you can apply to join our Referral Network. Your welcome email and subsequent member updates include a link you can use to apply to join our Referral Network.

To be eligible to  join our Referral Network, you must have at least three current or past clients for whom you (or your firm) has provided fractional C-suite services whom you can use as references.

If a referral works out, the referral fee is your choice of (i) 50% of one month’s revenue or (ii) 10% of revenue for six months, payable when you get paid.