Matchmaking - Business Owners

You know you need to step up your game in marketing, sales, operations, finance, or technology to scale, but you aren’t big enough or aren’t ready for the commitment and ramp-up time of hiring a full-time experienced executive hire.
Break Through Faster
Get someone on your team who’s been where you are and done this before on the scale you want your business to get to. For a fraction of the cost and ramp-up time of hiring that person full-time, you’ll get an experienced executive on your leadership team who knows where your pitfalls are, will help you preemptively solve them, and will guide you to your destination.
It’s Easy
Skip straight to the finalists. We’ll save you the laborious, manual process of endless website reviews and phone calls with people who end up not fitting what you need. Simply book a 15-minute call with a member of our team. After confirming their availability, we will send you up to three Fractional Leaders we’ve independently vetted through their clients.
No Surprises
We put you in touch with a small number of independently vetted Fractional Leaders with the expertise, industry experience, and background you’re looking for. Because we personally meet with all Fractional Leaders (and three of their current or past clients for participants in our referral program), you know you’re getting someone who can deliver.

Our Proven Process


Quick 15-minute call to determine what you’re looking for


We only ask Fractional Leaders we independently vet to join our community and referral program


We match business owners with relevant vetted Fractional Leaders


You and the Fractional Leader engage directly with each other