Dangers of Not Building a Banking *Relationship*

Our guest today shares the dangers of not having an actual ongoing relationship with your banker, and how to find the right banker, build your relationships with them, and the options this gives you when you run into the inevitable emergencies and problems in running your business.


Trey Weatherill is a VP & Senior Relationship Manager at American Business Bank (www.AmericanBB.bank), a Southern California bank for private, closely held, medium sized businesses with revenues typically between $10-$200M.

Trey explains how to use your network, test out different potential bankers, and find the right banking relationship. He explains what to do if your business is on the smaller side and you’re worried you may not be able to get a banker’s attention, what to do when your banker leaves your bank, and the tradeoffs between working with one of the big banks versus a local or regional bank.