Do Fractional Integrators Compete With EOS Implementers?

Do Fractional Integrators compete with EOS Implementers®? Do they work at all? What type of business owner should use one? What’s the difference between an Integrator and an Implementer?

In this far-reaching conversation, our host, Ben Wolf, who is the founder of the largest Fractional COO / Integrator firm, Wolf’s Edge Integrators (, *was interviewed by our guest*, Rachel Lebowitz, who is a Professional EOS Implementer (, about everything related to Integrators, both fractional and full-time, and implementers.

Rachel and her husband bought a Flexible Printing Packaging company and, within three years of implementing EOS, turned it around and grew it from 30 to 100 employees and from $10 to $30 million in revenue. She then went on to become a Professional EOS Implementer herself.

Check out the conversation!